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Tracking & Facilities Management

Facili Trac enables users to budget and track current expenses and receive real-time updates and feedback from workers in the field.

Daily Management

Conveniently request service, get access to site lists, view service history, check work order status and expense summary by site.

Real Time Information

Facili Trac is real-time. Users can access their site information, see Outstanding AR balances, and track filter records at any time from any device.


Asset Tracking

Facili Trac is designed to assist facility managers in tracking their HVACR expenditures and making accurate, reliable capital planning decisions.

Executive Planning

Forecast capital expense and access Sarbanes Oxley compliance reports for your current air filtration projects all from your work desk.

Detailed Equipment Info

Knowledge of the condition of your equipment is vital to its longevity. Use Facili Trac to keep equipment information at your fingertips.


What Is Facili Trac?

Facili Trac is the latest in industry tracking, enabling management and executive tracking of the air filtration job being performed on your building. Facili Trac gives users convenient record access using the internet, allowing businesses the ability to easily complete any of the following tasks:

  • Access Equipment Information
  • View Current Project Expenses
  • Request Service
  • Access Service History
  • Plan for Equipment Replacement
  • Complete Emergency Calls