Premium Air Filter Products

A FilterPro USA Company
FP Filtration is a bootstrapped team committed to customer success. We started from the ground up to develop a full scale air filtration manufacturing program for businesses that need & appreciate a tailored service.

What We Do

FP Filtration manufactures and distributes premium, high-quality, high-demand air filter products with aggressive lead times and a partnership-focused approach. FilterPro products provide reliable performance and superior value for indoor air quality and HVAC machinery protection.

What makes us different

We pay special attention to the needs of every customer. Our wholesaler and distributor customers receive special treatment that can’t be found with other manufacturers. Whether you need a few filters at a time or multiple truckloads a week, FP Filtration is the answer.

Client Testimonial

Filter Pro has been an invaluable vendor partner for our filtration needs for the past several years. When we started our partnership, FilterPro was eager to listen to our issues with other suppliers to ensure we would not experience these again. In the years that have followed they have been very responsive to any concerns and proactively reach out for process and product improvements. I highly recommend anyone with filtration needs to partner with FilterPro!

— Product Manager at a Major Wholesaler


High Quality Air Filtration Products

Our management team began their careers on the production floor, developing and honing the skills needed to craft quality products.

We appreciate and understand the importance of value-driven products aligned with a customer service experience that goes beyond the industry expectation. When you partner with FP Filtration, you partner with a team that cares.


With over 20 years of experience in the filtration industry, you can rely on us to purify and protect your environment by utilizing skilled professionals with top-notch technology.

Value Driven Products

We offer premium, high-quality, high-demand air filter products that have reliable performance and superior value. All products are proudly made in the USA.

Reliable Customer Service

Committed to providing above-and-beyond customer service and care. We work with customers on supplying products that will meet their requirements.

US Manufacturing Facilities

FP Filtration products are proudly made in the USA at our manufacturing plants located in Florence, AL and Ocala, FL. We ship our products nationwide for complete distribution of high quality filters.

Are you a wholesaler or distributor?

You can be a part of our Reseller Partner Network for special pricing, freight allowances, lead times, and downstream sales/consulting support.
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FP Filtration Product Lineup

100% USA-made and USA-owned


Professional and highest performance pleated filters for wide-ranging application, including custom sizes.


Carbon-activated pleated filters for odor removal and specialty application.

Bulk PolyHD Rolls

Various multi-denier pre-filter, paintbooth, and sizing options.

xMetal Retainer Frames and Metal Washable Filters

Single piece constructed rrames for pad holding and fresh-air applications.


Additional Filtration Products
Through our partner distribution business Filterpro IAQ, we can help with products… And other high efficiency filters.