A Division of FilterPro USA

FilterPro’s Products Group manufactures and distributes premium, high-quality, high-demand air filter products with industry-best lead times and a partnership-focused approach.

FilterPro products provide reliable performance and superior value for indoor air quality and HVAC machinery protection. What makes FilterPro different? We pay special attention to the needs of every customer. Our wholesaler, distributor, and end-user customers receive special treatment that can’t be found with other manufacturers. Whether you need a few filters at a time or multiple truckloads a week, FilterPro is the answer.

Are you a wholesaler or distributor? You can be a part of our Reseller Partner Network for special pricing, freight allowances, and lead times. Contact us today!

FilterPro USA’s In-House Product Lineup:
100% USA-made and USA-owned
  • Enviro XP/HP® Pleated Filters and Inserts Merv 8-13
    Professional Performance Pleated Filters
  • Enviro CB® Carbon Pleated Filters
    — Carbon-Activated Pleated Filters
  • PolyDisp Throwaway Filters
    — PolyHD® Pad in a beverage board die cut
  • PolyHD® Poly pad Filters
    — Multi-denier poly pad air filters cut to size
  • PolyHD® Bulk Rolls
    — Multi-denier options, paintbooth options, and more
  • xMetal Filter Retainer Frames and Fresh Air Metal Washable Filters
    — Industrial strength single-piece construction in any size
Additional Filtration Products

Need products like HEPAs, Bag/Pocket, ASHRAE Cell, Paint booth, Box-style, V-bank, Link-Panels, and other high-efficiency filters?

With our industry partners, we can be your total filtration source!

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