Production Line Boxing (Packaging)

FP Filtration a FilterPro USA company


Job Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Make & Label boxes
  • Box Filters
  • Put Media & Frames on tables for the lines
  • Keep labels organized on shelves
  • Keep box area clean and organized, strips and cardboard in buggy
  • Remove bands when opening a box skid
  • Sweep area each afternoon
  • Empty trash buggy every afternoon
  • Break down unused boxes and take labels off before putting them up every day
  • Assist in training new employees the proper way to perform this job
  • Follow safety guidelines as set in the Safety Manual
  • Limit communication with handline operators to ensure operators can remain focused.



  • Ability to lift 50-75 pounds on a daily basis
  • Team-player who enjoys working as a part of a team
  • Perform repetitive bending, twisting, lifting, reaching
  • Ability to work under direct supervision using standardized routines
  • Ability to work independently, safely
  • Respectful, helpful, self-driven, focused, and energetic